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For your and our safety
At our parks we take various measures to protect you and our employees. In doing so, we follow the guidelines of RIVM and the government. Always follow the guidelines and instructions of our employees. This allows you to enjoy your stay safely and carefree. 

General measures:
- We keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.
- We like to greet each other, but we do this from a distance and do not shake hands.
- We regularly wash our hands with soap. There are disinfection columns in several places.
- We sneeze and cough in our elbow.

Check in and check out
- Come with a maximum of 1 person per holiday stay to the reception to check in and out (no companion/group/family).

Your accommodation
- As always, we clean you and your holiday home well. In this day and age we do it even more thoroughly. Think of airing your stay before arrival, using a new cloth for each room and paying extra attention to contact points, such as door handles, handles and light switches.

All facilities
- The number of visitors per facility is limited. In order to guarantee the 1.5 meter distance, some facilities may have a limited group size, for example at the reception desk and to pick up meals. The rest of your group can of course wait outside.
- Walking routes have been installed at various locations. This prevents incoming guests and outgoing guests from having to pass each other too close. The walking routes are easily recognizable by the stickers on the floor.
- You can pay in cash and debit cards, preferably contactless. Pins are safer because we avoid hand contact with them.
- In public areas it is compulsory to wear a mouth shield.
- Many facilities have a plastic screen. This allows our staff to help you in a safe way.

Swimming pools
- The swimming pool is closed until Tuesday March 2nd.

Eating and Drinking
- All eating and drinking establishments in the Netherlands are closed for the time being. At our parks we deliver breakfast and meals to your holiday home. .
- You can place an order digitally (QR-code) or with an employee at a distance of 1.5 meters.

Bike rental
- We recommend to book the bikes as much as possible in advance.
- Upon receipt of the voucher, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
- Playing in the indoor and outdoor playground is always at your own risk. We ask parents to supervise their children remotely.
- To prevent other children from getting sick, we ask you not to let sick children play in the playgrounds.
- Clean hands are important! Therefore, all children should wash/ disinfect their hands before use. 

Our holiday parks are open. However, the Dutch government has taken measures to limit the further spread of the coronavirus. As a result, the restaurants at our holiday parks and the swimming pool at Villapark de Weerribben are closed until 1st of June 2020. Our restaurants are currently working with a delivery service. The reception and the bicycle rental can be reached by phone. 

 You can still go out in the area. There is even more attention to the cleaning of frequently visited places and handrails are available. As soon as this is possible according to government advice, all facilities will reopen. 

With the precautions we take, the holiday parks of Vakantieparken Weerribben Wieden can remain open. 

The restaurants on our holiday parks are closed until 1st of June 2020. Our restaurants are currently working with a delivery service. The reception and the bicycle rental can be reached by phone. You can still go out in the area. The swimming pool at Villapark de Weerribben is open from 11 May. 

You don't have to do anything. All bookings up to 1st June 2020 have received a voucher, unless you have let us know that you are arriving. 

You can take advantage of our rebook guarantee. At Vakantieparken Weerribben Wieden you can always change your booking up to 28 days before arrival. However, a change fee will be charged. Think of expanding your travel group, changing the period or your holiday home. A holiday in a different period or at a different destination can of course be a bit more expensive. In that case only the difference will be settled.

Due to the exceptional situation created by the coronavirus, this sector-wide Leisure voucher has been introduced.

The Leisure voucher is a voucher that you can use as an online payment method when you book a new stay with us because your originally booked stay at one of our parks cannot take place or you have chosen not to continue your stay. The value of the leisure voucher is equal to the travel sum you have already paid.

You can use the Leisure voucher as a means of payment for a new booking up to 12 months after the original date of arrival with an arrival date of 30 September 2021 at the latest.

Please also read the HISWA-RECRON terms and conditions of the leisure voucher.

You can use the leisure voucher as a means of payment for a new booking on our website, with an arrival date before 30 September 2021. You therefore book a new trip within 12 months of your original arrival date, with an arrival date no later than 30 September 2021. 

The Leisure voucher is easy to redeem online. You use the link you received with your Recreational Voucher.

1. Please use the link you received with your Leisre voucher. This will take you to the page with the offer.

2. You choose your desired holiday park and holiday accommodation. Then select the desired arrival and departure dates.

3. When making the booking, a screen appears automatically in which you enter the Leisure voucher Code. The amount of the voucher will now automatically be deducted from the total amount.

4. Fill in the remaining details and place the booking. Only after you have made the booking, the value of the voucher expires.

The value of the Leisure voucher is equal to the amount already paid and the voucher is valid for 12 months from the original date of arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at one of our parks.

You can use the leisure voucher up to 12 months after your original arrival date to book a new stay with us. The exact date is stated on your voucher. The arrival date of the new travel service must be no later than 30 September 2021.

For example: You had booked a stay with the arrival date 1 May 2020. You then have until 30 April 2021 to book a new holiday with the voucher. The arrival date of this new holiday must be before 30 September 2021. 

The leisure voucher has the value of the travel sum already paid and does not need to be spent at once. You can indeed use the Leisure voucher for multiple bookings. 

I'm sure you can. You can use the leisure voucher for a new booking in July. You cannot return the leisure voucher if you have already made the booking. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We advise you to wait with booking until you have received the leisure voucher.

You can only use your Leisure voucher for new bookings, so it cannot be offset against existing bookings. We advise you to wait until you have received your Leisure voucher. Once you have received the voucher, you can make a new booking online. 

No, you can't. The leisure voucher is in your name. You have to use the voucher yourself when making a new booking. 

 Yes. You can contact us via our contact form, by phone or e-mail. By requesting the recreation-ocuher your rebooking will be cancelled. We will then send you within 14 days a recreation voucher to the value of the travel sum already paid by you. Please note: this is only possible if your original arrival date was between 14 March 2020 and 1 June 2020.